Pretty cool floating book stand

Everybody needs a legend in their life. For books, it’s the Book and Hero and the Super shelf , a sharp bookend and skimming retire that every makes it appears like books are being “spared” by a superhero. These eccentric metal manifestations are the workmanship of Israel-based summary studio Artori Design. Every bookend provides the feeling that a library of books is being held upright or in midair by a little, yet unimaginably solid , Superman-like figure. Both of these cunning impressions, made using strong magnets, highlight a charged overview of a caped crusader.

So look out for bookends design you may need.

If you’re trying to look for design bookends, you have land on the incredible blog post. Via Mymodernmet
floating book

floating book1

floating book2

floating book3

floating book4
Artori Design
Source: designboom

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