Highly genuine strange art mediums

The above revealed link is fully devoted to the idea that imagination can stream from any channel. Utilizing innovative skills one can turn a common trait into something amazingly amazing. Audiences will definitely be interested to see these exclusive arts made using things such as trash , colored pencils, recycled carrier bags, discarded shopping bags, dice and gambling chips, cassette tapes and much more items as shown in this fantastic site link. The developers of these splendid creative forms remind everyone that finest sort of art is not the most complex and pricey. The charm depends on the manner in which of change as seen in these images.

So start checking out different media art you always wanted.

If you’re trying to check for different media art, you have land on the perfect web page. Via Mymodernmet

1. Trash
1 TrashTom Deininger

2. Recycled Carrier Bags
2 Recycled Carrier Bags


3. Colored Pencils
4 Colored PencilsJennifer Maestre

4. Discarded Shopping Bags
5 Discarded Shopping BagsYuken Teruya

5. Jello
6 Cassette TapesLiz Hickok

6. Cassette Tapes
6 Cassette Tapesiri5

7. Post-it Notes

7 Post-it Notesih8gates

8. Kodaimai Rice
8 Kodaimai RicePink Tentacle

9. Chewing Gum
9 Chewing GumTelegraph

10. Traffic Barrels
10 Traffic BarrelsDigg

11. Prescription Bottles
11 Prescription BottlesChemical Balance by Jean Shin

12. Discarded Lottery Tickets
12 Discarded Lottery TicketsChance City by Jean Shin

13. Records
13 RecordsSound Wave by Jean Shin

14. Dirt on a Car
14 Dirt on a CarScott Wade

15. Bath Tubs
15 Bath TubsDonald Lipski

16. Beer Cans
16 Beer CansButterfly Art by Paul Villinski

17. Pantone Color Chips
17 Pantone Color Chips

18 Pantone Color ChipsScene360

18. Cake
19 CakeScott Hove

19. Bic Pen
20 Bic PenJuan Francisco Casas

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