22 Really incredible funky bookmarks

If you are a book worm then this is the short article for you. In this post you will get to feast your eyes on a few of the most fascinating and incredible book marks that are readily available in the market. A few of the book marks are truly charming while the other are really fascinating , made bearing in mind the style of the book with which it goes completely. If you wish to have among these then you have to have a look at the pictures of the book marks in the short article. Click the link that has actually been provided here. So start looking for handmade bookmarks designs right now.

If you’re trying to look for funny bookmarks, you have actually land on the awesome post page. Via Boredpanda

1. Reading Lamp Bookmark
1 .1Reading Lamp Bookmark

1 Reading Lamp Bookmark


2. Witch Legs Bookmark
2 Witch Legs Bookmark

2.1 Witch Legs BookmarkImage source: Etsy

3. Pointing Finger Bookmark
3 .1Pointing Finger Bookmark

3 Pointing Finger BookmarkAmazon

4. Hippo In Water Bookmark
4 Hippo In Water BookmarkAmazon

5. Help Bookmark
5 .1Help Bookmark

5 Help Bookmark

5.2 Help BookmarkImage source: designboom

6. Be Right Back…
6 Be Right Back...

7. Zipped Book Bookmark
7 Zipped Book Bookmark

7 .1Zipped Book BookmarkAmazon

8. Reading Light – Book Holder
8 Reading Light - Book Holder

8.1 Reading Light - Book HolderImage source: Damjan Stankovic

9. Bookmarks Which Interact With Book Covers
9 .1Bookmarks Which Interact With Book Covers

9 Bookmarks Which Interact With Book Covers

9.2 Bookmarks Which Interact With Book CoversImage source: icoeye

10. Grass Page Markers
10 Grass Page Markers

10.1 Grass Page MarkersImage source: Yuruliku

11. Cut Pet
11 .1Cut PetImage source:

12. Bloody Bookmark
12 Bloody BookmarkImage source: Kyouei Design

13. Cup Of Coffee
13 Cup Of CoffeeImage source: en.dawanda.com

14. Sprout Bookmark
14 Sprout BookmarkAmazon

15. Cassette Tape Bookmarks
15 Cassette Tape BookmarksImage source: connectdesign.co.kr

16. Crochet Flower
16 Crochet FlowerImage source: etsy.com

17. Dragon And A Knight Bookmark
17 Dragon And A Knight BookmarkImage source: Heather Alstead Design

18. Birds
18 BirdsImage source: zowieso.com

19. Fox Bookmark
19 Fox Bookmark

19.1 Fox BookmarkImage source: lonnies.dk

20. Shark Bookmark
20 Shark BookmarkImage source: Etsy

21. Reading Lady Bookmark, Victorian Lady Image
21 Reading Lady Bookmark, Victorian Lady ImageImage source: en.dawanda.com

22. Birdy Bookmark
22 Birdy BookmarkImage source: designsponge.com

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