7 Worst Foods You Should Avoid Because It Makes Your Skin Aging

Food not only makes you survive, but it gives you much more advantages. While it gives your many advantages, it also gives you many problem whenever you have it daily or sometimes. In this article isn’t the food that are danger, but they are kind of foods that could cause problem to you slowly and surely.
Please read the following tips to know more.

1. Read Meat
Red meat could contain high level of carnation that can cause the problem of your blood processor become hard, causing premature aging. So, a great advice for you is that you should have more vegetable instead.

2. Salty foods
You know that most of the salt contains less or much iodine which could help your cells crow whenever you got injury or wound. However, Iodine could also cause your tissue to swell and increasing a seriously problem of acne. Eating more salt could make you look puffy (swollen) and you will become unhealthy. Better check the level of salt whenever you cook for yourself or ordering from some places.

3. Fat fried foods
In the previous article, we wrote about food that boosts your energy. In the article we also included fried food. However, fried food gives you some advantages, but it also give you some disadvantages also in this article.
Surely, fried food contains lots of oil. You know that oil can cause fat with free radicals.
However, you can still have fried food, but just be careful with the fat. You can choose the healthy fats diet search as avocado and olive oils, but it is a bit expensive.

4. Foods with a high sweet
Glycemic Index (GI) is a level of carried out on carbohydrate-containing foods and their impact on our blood sugar. We can simply say that GI is a relatively new way of analyzing of food.
Up to the studies, eating food which contain glucose and insulin levels could link to acne. Just remember that you have 50% fewer an account of acne is you have a low glycemic diet.
Better to be careful if you love your beauty or you hate acne.

5. Alcohol
Some people might crazy about alcohol because they like drinking and getting drink to forget something. Some prefer to have alcohol for fun like school party, work, birthday party or wedding.
Alcohol could dehydrate you. Whenever little water it gets before it reaches your skin, it could affect your skin for sure.
In addition, Alcohol also cause vasodilatation which could cause rosacea and as the result you will found out that you skin looked so dull.
It isn’t just cause problem of damage to your mental defense, but also for your wonderful skin.

6. Caffeine
Do you found out that caffeine is an addicted? Here is another problem beside addicted.
Caffeine could dehydrate you because it is a diuretic. This one could make your skin become dry out and instead it produces cortisol. Contain more cortisol could cause faster aging process that could turn your skin thinner and terrible so soon.

7. Artificial sweeteners and colors
Artificial sweeteners and colors don’t contain nutritional value. If you are prone to allergies, they could cause irritation in your body. The color that you ate will stay in your body like you paint the walls. Your body cleaned, but not clears them all.

Please be careful with all the food you eat daily, especially fast food or snack. We hope this article could help you. Don’t forget to share it around to let your friends know.

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