10 Foods help You Increase Energy And Ability Of Brain

In the previous we showed about the food that could cause problem to your health. So, it is true that food gives you advantages and also some more disadvantages also. In this article we are not going to show you about the negative of food, despite we are showing about some foods that could help you increase energy and ability of brain. This topic could be a good topic for athletes who are doing much more sport daily.
Please see the tips below so that you will be helped.

1. Water
Water is the liquid that we can’t say no to it. It is the liquid that we have daily even before meal and after. What we suggest you is that to drink much more water so that it could help your body with the poison and help the potential or balance of your body. Water also a good doctor for your brain also. Have more water daily more than 3 or 4 liters a day.

2. Egg
Egg is not an expensive food which you could buy it almost everywhere and cheap. Up to the studies proof that egg contains Colin which could help your brain and remembering. Moreover, it also helps the function between brain and cells to work together well. So, you should have only one or two egg daily, but don’t eat them much.

3. Olive Oil
Olive Oil is the source of healthy fat of Omega 3 that could help your brain against the Oxidation because oxidation could produce stress for people. Moreover, olive oil could help your remembering and the high ability.
Please have more olive oil, so you will be helped.

4. Fish Oil
The advantages of fish oil are not as lower than olive oil. Fish oil also contains the Oxide fate that is also called omega 3. It could help the brain fill its roll perfectly and it is good for your heart and other process of your body to go well.

5. Bean
Beans also contain a healthy fat. It is good for your health and it could also help your brain fresh and healthy, so it also helps you with remembering. In beans, it contains the Vitamin E which can fight against the disease and the unhealthy of your brain.

6. Black Chocolate
There are many black chocolate, but you know that black chocolate could give you a very good feedback after you have them. Most of the food we mentioned are all help related with brain including black chocolate as well. It can contain the source that can fight against the oxidation while the oxide could harm for your brain. You would better have 30g of black chocolate daily so that it would help.

7. Broccoli
Broccoli is also the vegetable like tomato. It provide you a vitamin K that known as an advantage of the power of the brain. It reduces the poison in your body also. Please have more vegetable, so you will have a healthy life style.

8. Tomato
This time is vegetable. Tomatos contain the source of lycopene which is an effective oxide that could prevent your brain with Oxidation that could destroy your brain. It also help your brain to have a good process. Have more tomato that it would help.

9. Seeds
Seeds are all from nature. Natural food is all good for you. Seeds such as pumpkin seed, rice and beans could help you a lot. These seeds could prevent your body from the high level of sugar in your blood. However, if you feel tired, you could have it 25g in a day so it will help you.
We strongly hope that this article will help you. Hope you will have a good health and keep fit all the time. Please share this article around to let your friends know.

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