How To Relieve A Headache By Eating 5 Foods

Headache is the most terrible illness that you want to avoid, but it is always happen on people, but every time you got headache, what will you do? Shout out, cry, stress, and destroy stuff around? Also, during this terrible headache do you take medicine? What medicine do you have? Right, headache is the thing that people really don’t want, especially during working hours. When headache, they can’t concentrate on works.
So, today would like to show you about 7 types of food that help fight headache then you will no worry about this bloody illness for no more. Don’t ignore it, please read the tips below with us.

1. Drink water
Water is the most important drink you have to have. You can skip food for 3 days, but you can’t skip drinking water for 2 days otherwise you will die. It isn’t a food but it is hydrated. It is the most important thing that could take Headache away from you.
A good method to drink water and give lots of advantages for you is that you should drink water 5 or 6 litters of water a day. Also, don’t forget to drink water in the morning because during 5,6 or 7 hours sleeping, you skip lots of water. Your body needs to get some water back to fill in.
Drink more water is more healthy. It could take poison away.

2. Non fat milk
Low-fat milk is fresh milk with no sugar. You can buy it in super store or in any mini mart. Fresh low-fat milk provides you high in calcium which could prevent your head form headache. Also, please give up having food contain like alcohol and foods that has high in sodium.
Our suggestion is that to have low fat milk 3 glasses daily it would be helped.

3. Potato nutrition
Potato isn’t a hard food to make. It is very popular like in KFC, restaurant. Or you can buy in the market and slice it then fry. You see, you can eat it easily, but what we are going to talk about potato is that it also contains potassium, like cantaloupes. It is packed with 30 percent of daily recommended intake. It contains Vitamin A, C and B6 too.

4. Cantaloupe fruit
This fruit has a high potassium and water. As we mentioned in the first point, food or drink that contain lots of sodium and alcohol cause headache easily. If you have food of low sugar you will have a low blood sugar so that it could help trigger for headache, taking magnesium rich food could help regulate blood sugar levels making headache problem less.

5. Fish
You should remember that fish is a good meat for your daily food. It could provide you the vitamins like vitamin B, B6, B12 and folic acid. The fish that we recommend for you such as salmon and tuna. Salmon has more than 250% of recommended daily intake of B12. Salmon not only help your headache, but also stomach.

Being healthy is very important. This is what people need to help. No one refused to the word healthy if god give them. Being healthy and long life. Anyway, thank you so much for spending your time reading our article. Share this tips around, so that your friend would know.

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