6 Tips Help You to Avoid Having Trouble Sleeping

Every day in your life you might have many things to do as you are working to support your life and even some of your children. When you have the most responsibility in your family, work and society, you will feel more stress. Stress which could come from that entire problem could cause problem for your daily life especially sleep.
Do you used to have a hard time in sleeping? Did you found out why and how to deal? Because all of these research, we would like to show you about some tips which could help you to avoiding having hard time of sleeping.
Below are some tips that you are going to read.

1. Lights
All of the electronic stuff such as Bluetooth, e-reader, smartphones and some more others like television, computer, ipad are the things that could disrupt your sleeping. The good idea is that keep these things away from your bed and also the most importance you should stop using or watching those electronic stuff before going to bed for 1 or 2 hours before bed time.

Sometimes you were holding your smartphone with chatting on Facebook then after that you will not feel sleepy till midnight or you didn’t sleep. They to keep these things away from you, so that you will never meet hard time in sleeping.

2. Foods
Most people say that after having dinner or lunch makes them sleepy. It is so true, but despite if you have a spicy food or fatty food, could make your stomach got tired and work too hard which will disturb your body. This is the problem that you couldn’t sleep. The good idea is that you should go to bed after 2 hours dinner with fatty and spicy food.

3. water
If you ask the doctor why you always feel sleepy then they will tell you that your body isn’t have enough water and that’s why you want to sleep. Better not to drink much water then you can sleep. Also, if you drink much before sleep, you will want to go to the toilet all the time.

4. Alcohol
Alcohol could bring you into falling asleep because it could make drinker drowsy also. Also, whenever you drink alcohol, you will fall asleep because your small brain will stop sending all the information that to the main brain. However, when your brain stop receiving then you will never think about difficult thins any more.

5. Coffee or tea
Tea or coffee is the things that could make you hard to close your eyes. Some worker who is working in the night time said that they drink coffee so that they can work till midnight and morning. If they don’t drink, they will face damn sleepy at night time.
So, if you want to sleep early or well, please avoid drinking tea or coffee.

Some people say that drink alcohol to forget loving someone or reduce stress, but the most important thing is that do drink too much of it because you could get addicted like a crazy person.

6. Medicines
When you use daily medication, it also causes the problem to your sleep, so whenever you go to a pharmacy or seeing doctor, you should ask them it is possible to take some of the amount of medicine that could cause the sleeping problem.

This is really important. The good idea is to tell your doctor about it.

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