The Reason you should stop sleeping with wet hair

Normally many people always go to sleep with their wetted hair, cover by the small towel and so on, but those people never know that this habit could cause problem for their health.
So, what are the affective that could harm you?
– Could cause headache
Up to the studies, the temperature is increased while people are sleeping, so if you cover your head with the towel with wetted hair the temperature will stay in your head that could cause headache.
– Increasing bacteria
Pillow is a good place for bacteria to live because pillow could absorption the sweat from your cells and some oil or fat from your body, so if your hair still wet, it will make your pillow wet also then it will create a nest for bacteria and it will harm you sooner or later.
– Destroyed your hair
Sleeping with wetted hair could make your hair unhealthy because your hair will be mixed with sweat, wet, oil and fat and also with uncleaned pillow.


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