Microlight Flies with Rare Birds

There are many kinds of birds on earth, but some of those birds are almost extinct from our planet, so those birds are called rare birds.
In this video we are going to share with you about the rare birds that captured by the group of scientist by traveling in Microlight Files. We found out that this work is amazing, so soon we will let you know about how amazing work he has done with such a rare birds. Those birds look just similar to vulture, but don’t get confused because it is not vulture.
For more than a decade now Dr. Johannes Fritz has been using his Microlight Aircraft to teach those bird which named Northern Bald Ibis to the migratory routes between summer and winter feeding ground in Tuscany, the Australian and German Alps.
What our scientist said was that “Scientists found that the ibises positioned themselves in areas that afforded them an aerodynamic advantage by enabling them to capitalize on swirls of upward-moving air generated by the wings of the bird ahead, according to a study published in Nature.”
Save the rare creature then the planet won’t be lonely.
For more detail, please see our documentary video below.

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