Indonesian Fisherman Hunt for Sperm Whale

Hunting Wales is not an easy job for you, but it seems like it is easy for these Indonesian fishermen. We could say that when life is in hunger, you will be able to do almost all difficult things that happened in life.
Surely, life is struggle, but can you imagine if your family wants you to hunt for a whale in the ocean or sea? Our team sure that most of you probably say a big “NO” as the answer.
In this video, all the Indonesian men don’t have a modern stuff to use. They have only a simple traditional hand-made tool such as harpoons which has been happening for over 600 years ago and does not threaten whale numbers in these oceans as the fisherman only take around 6 a year.
Please see the video below to know how these on the earth planet have done such an amazing job.

Sperm Whale Hunt - Human 54Planet - BBC - YouTube

Sperm Whale Hunt - Human Planet - BBC - YouTube

Sperm Whale Hunt - Human Planet - BBC241 - YouTube

Sperm Whale Hunt - Human Planet -35 BBC - YouTube

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