Foods that help your memory

There are many kinds of food that could help your brain and memory, but today we would like to tell you about some of the top food that could help your memory which we could consider as the best thing for your brain. Those foods are below:
1. Avocado
Avocado is better for the oxygen to the brain that could help your memory and make your brain healthy.

2. Fish
The oil from fish such as salmon could prevent your brain from forgetful and the weak remembering. It could also make a better of the brain function. This fish has the source of Acid Omega 3, especially DHA that are important for health and it has the effect for brain and heart.

3. Apple
Before you eat apple, you have to wash it properly and don’t have to peel it. Furthermore, red apple gives you much ore advantages than other green apple for brain. Moreover, red apple is full of anthocyanin which has the ability of increasing your memory and your brain.

4. Chocolate
Black chocolate is full of the source like Oxidation which is very important for heart and your brain. However, chocolate with milk could increase your strong power and it is very good for memory.

5. Blueberry
This is one kind of fruit that full of source that could prevent your brain from lack of vitamins and it could help reduce stress that cause from Oxidation. It also help the brain with some function such as decision, consideration, and could understand the words very fast.

Please try all of these foods, so it would help you a lot. It would not cause lots of money and it is easy as well.

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