Easy Natural Ingredient to stop abdominal swelling condition

Sassy is another one kind natural liquid that you can make it by your own and it has a fantastic advantage for your health. This homemade beverage could help your body to melt the fat in your stomach, help the Digestive system and well keep the water in your body.
– 2 litters of water
– 1 lemon (slice it as thin pieces)
– 1 cucumber (peel it and slice it as thinly)
– 1 Fresh Ginger one table spoon (scratch it like muddy
– 12 washed spearmint leaves (or 1table spoon dried mint)
Put the entire mixed ingredient into the water for 60 minutes. Then you should drink 8 glasses of this water every day and it will help to save the balance in your body, keep the water in your body and help to prevent the Abdominal swelling condition.
Check out the video to see more detail.

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