Parachute Hooked to the skin

Parachute Hooked to the kin makes many people surprise and afraid. Some people don’t dare to see this video while some prefer to see so much. We don’t know how much you would love to see it, but if anyone has a phobia or weak heart, please don’t see this video because it could cause problem.
We don’t know whether magic or real, but Parachute Hooked to the skin is such a dangerous and scary thing ever.
If you imagine cutting any of your finger during making food, then the lady or kid probably cry, but how come these men play such a harmful game and it seems like they are enjoying it so bad. Even there is blood bleeding out of his skin, he still laughing with fun. What a man.
Please don’t try this at home!

Parachute Hooked To The Skin_ Welcome To Suspension BASE 0Jumping - YouTube



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